Kufsteiner Radmarathon

Der Bericht vom Kufsteiner Radmarathon wurde von unserem Sir James Latimer verfasst und weil er sich das ganze Jahr so schwer tut uns Ötztaler zu verstehen, wird diesmal der Spieß umgedreht. Viel Spaß beim lesen!

Rain, cold, rain.  Very British?  Four members of the Union Sporthütte lined up on Sunday 10th September in Kufstein, 13 degrees (soon to be 9 degrees on the first climb) and heavy rain.  Siggi Klotz, Riccardo Stabentheiner, Markus Luchner, James Latimer.  All had their special reasons to be there, a less than perfect Ötzi? A final race of the year?  Or maybe a chance to test some excellent form!

Shortly after the start the first climb started, short but fast.  Stabi was already showing how strong he was and was safely over the top with the group of around 12 favourites.  James followed alone 15 seconds behind, but could not rejoin on the wet descent.  Slipstreaming being a favourite race tactic he waited for the second group containing Siggi and Markus.  Stabi stuck with the front until the main climb around halfway to Brandenberg where the group broke up and he found himself in smaller group of 3 chasing the 4 favourites (which became 3 after a crash). 

Siggi, Markus and James were chasing in a group of 7 which worked well together, but gradually lost members as the short but numerous climbs and bad weather took their toll.

With only around 12km to go of the 120km, the short climb to Bad Häring was a tough final challenge.  Stabi stuck with his two partners and finished safely just behind them for a great overall 6th place and 3rd in the Herren 2 class.  The Sporthütte team time trial group with Siggi, Markus, James and now only one other broke up on the climb.  Each finished alone but with small gaps, James for 13th overall, 2nd in the Herren 4, Siggi 14th overall, 3rd in Herren 4, and Markus 15th overall, 4th in Herren 4.

After a welcome pizza the team collected some very large wine glasses as prizes!  A nice race, well organized with an interesting and challenging course.  Next year the World Champs road race starts in Kufstein and hopefully the Radmarathon will continue and maybe even be part of this.

Congratulations all, and for those now looking to next year, recover well and safe winter training!